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Sunday Service October 18, 2020
David Esau
David Esau
Sunday, October 18, 2020

"Jesus and his Mighty Deeds":  Mark 435- 520


Series: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

An old sea captain said he could always gauge the size of a ship that had passed out of sight by the size of the wake it left behind.  From the size of the wake left by Jesus, there can be no doubt that he was a great person.  But what kind of person was and was he more than a great person, as his followers claimed?  To help people answer such questions for themselves, Mark set out to record the story of Jesus.

Mark’s gospel, the earliest & shortest of the four, has been described as “brief and breathtaking.”Fee  Given the significance of Jesus, Mark is understandably in a hurry to tell us all about him.  From his opening line he quickly immerses us into Jesus’ story and moves us along at break neck speed so we can answer for ourselves the all important questions of “Who is Jesus?”, “Why did he die?”, and “What difference does it make?”