Church Picnic

Church Picnic

Join us for a fun afternoon enjoying the beauty of nature, playing some games and having some great fellowship. We're planning to eat together (pack a picnic dinner) at 5pm, however we've reserved the shelter's at Belcarra Park from 1-pm till the park closes at 8pm, so come early to enjoy this wonderful park.

Schedule of Events

2:00 pm - Come join us for a walk/hike.  

4:00 pm - Intergenerational Games (Water Balloon Toss, Hula Hoop Race, Bocce, etc.)

5:00 pm = EAT

6:00 pm - Intergenerational Games (Up & Over, Water in a Cup Relay Race, 3 legged race, etc.)

Bring a picnic, some games, a frisbee or a football and your entire family and some friends and get to know others at ERBF better in this casual group gathering.

Check the map below for directions


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