Worship & Arts

Worship & Arts

Worship is more than attending a "worship service".  We believe that true worship celebrates all that God is and does, and inspires us to respond with all that we are and do.  Worship is having a life-changing relationship with God.  Corporate worship gatherings like we have on Sunday mornings are meaningful and inspiring when we all prepare for and participate in worship.  Some of the participants are "up front" leading us in worship, but participants include ushers, readers, audio and visual personnel, drama teams, visual artists, worship teams, the preacher, and the people.  

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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Easter devotions cover 194x300

Easter Devotions

Follow MeĀ is an Easter devotional book for the season of Lent, written by members of the MB family from around the world. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, this book will guide you through 47 different devotional readings... Read More