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This year's "Discerning Issues" is a conversation on "Faith, Sexuality & Gender".  The relationship of LGBTQ people and issues to Christianity is one of the main subjects of cultural conversation today.  Timothy Keller has suggest that "it is nearly impossible to talk about your faith without this subject being raised."  Although it is not central to the gospel message at the heart of Christianity, our cultural moment requires us to be prepared to discuss and respond to LGBTQ issues and people with grace and truth.

On March 31st at 7pm, our congregation met to explore how we as a denomination and congregation interpret and apply the whole of scripture on this topic.  We are following up with a second meeting on May 5th at 7pm which will focus on practical implications and applications.

In preparation for these sessions, our Board of Elders has prepared a list of resources (books, articles, podcasts, etc.) for you to do some of your own study.  These are items that we have found useful and trust that you will too.  Most of the articles are either available as links in the "Recommended Resources" section or in the "Downloads" section below.


1) Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith Article 11 "Marriage, Singleness and Family" + Commentary and Pastoral Application  For the written presentations from the Canadian MB Study Conference on "Human Sexuality" click here

2) Richard Hays chapter on "Homosexuality" in The Moral Vision of the New Testament click here

3) Homosexuality and the Christian by Mark Yarhouse.  For online audio & video click here.  cf. "Yarhouse Book Summary" below.

4) Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry.  For online audio & video of his Conference at Westside Church click here

5) Dr. Rosaria Butterfield - "Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert" presentation  She has also written a book by the same title and is featured in numerous interviews and articles.

6) "Understanding Gender Dysphoria" article by Dr. Mark Yarkhouse click here.  For his book click here, for a video click here

7) "Transgender" articles & audio by Vaughn Roberts click here  He also has a book called Transgender

8) "Is Gender a Choice?" article by Stanton Jones click here

9) Wesley Hill's book, "Washed and Waiting", talk at Revoice Conference