Prayer Training Seminar

Prayer Training Seminar

Do Christians really need to be “taught” how to pray? Is prayer ministry (praying over another person in their presence) really any different from how we pray when we are alone?

Most believers assume that fluency in prayer ministry ought to be a natural outcome of our salvation experience. However, like any significant relationship, effective and intimate communication skills develop over time. This is doubly true of prayer ministry, where we are actively involved in communicating both with God and with an individual in need.

Although it is certain that the Holy Spirit desires to equip us for effective prayer ministry, it is also true that there are certain basic skills that can be both learned and practiced as we seek to minister to others in hands-on prayer. These attainable skills can greatly contribute to our overall effectiveness in a prayer ministry which is interactive, immediate, personal, Spirit-led, contextual and specific.

Come be equipped to engage in effective prayer encounters with others. This seminar is led by Nikki White, who oversees curriculum development and training for North Langey Community Church prayer ministry teams, as well as teaching prayer seminars at various other churches and conferences.

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