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This could be great, or it might be terrible but either way we're willing to give it a try and we hope you do too.
Join Wednesday nights at 7pm for youth online.
Check below for more details. (BTW we're hoping for great)

In order to meet, each household will need an internet enabled device with Zoom. You can get Zoom for free for your computer, iOS or Android Device


We're planning to meet for part of our time in our small groups over Zoom so students must login with their real names along with a small group identifier to BEGIN their username (this makes sorting into our small groups easier).
Example Jim Smith is a part of Kevin's small group his username should be KK-JimSmith.

Group Identifiers:

  • MG- for Middle-school girls
  • SG- Sr.High Girls
  • KK- for Kevin’s group
  • AU- for Austin’s group
  • TW-  Travis' group

For boys who don't know which group they should be in, Dave will sort you once you're in.


Students & Youth Staff will need to have web cams on for security so we can recognize everyone who's joining us.
Plus the reason we're doing this so we can see each other.


One of the games we plan on playing (Kahoot style) will require students to have a second device that is internet able and has a web browser. If students don't have this, they can still have fun watching, there are other games that won't require a second device.