Change The World - Guinea

Djiba Camara has been a teacher at H.D. Stafford in Langley, but the driving passion in his life is to help others, especially those in his former home in Conakry, Guinea.  Camara had a very successful life here and in Europe as a professional soccer player and coach, but the suffering and the starvation in his home country drove him to give back. (Article)    

In 2013, Djiba initiated and completed a “Drop Off For Africa” project—collecting donated supplies, shipping them to his home country, and overseeing their distribution.  There were huge obstacles but it was so worthwhile that Djiba came home more motivated than ever to do more.  But he was diagnosed with cancer shortly afterwards, forcing him to sideline his efforts to deal with his diagnosis. Numerous surgeries later, he continued to concentrate his efforts on helping his people in Guinea. (Recent Article)  Djiba was able to complete his most recent shipment before passing away from cancer in July 2017. 

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