5 Stories You Probably Missed...But Shouldn't

We know you probably don't have time to read everything in your inbox, that's why our global partner, MCC, put together this round up of the 5 best stories of 2016; stories of how your support has made a difference here at home and around the world. 

Story #1 - "Yesterday We Lost Everything" - A post-Hurricane Matthew story from Haiti

Story #2 - "Reviewing 25 Years In Syria" - On June 26, 1991, Roy Hange stepped onto a plane, leaving for a four-year term in Syria.  With your support, the program has grown from one English teacher near Damascus to our largest humanitrian response in history.

Story #3 - "Making Room At The Inn" - a cold weather response at our MCC warehouse.

Story #4 - "Goats, Hope, and Drought" - Former CBC journal Julie Bell travelled deep into the Ethiopian desert to see how the people are adapting to the worst drought in 50 years.  This is the story of what she found.

Story #5 - "Life of Pi author offers home to Syrian Family"