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Thank you to all of you who attended our recent Annual Budget Meeting.

A portion of our time focused on celebrating the local and global ministries that were made possible through your faithful and generous financial support in 2022. Some of the global ministry highlights included the work of Multiply in Thailand (“Shalom Farm”) and the work of MCC in Colombia (“Healing Threads”).  

A good portion of our time was also spent discussing our ministry priorities and financial goals for the coming year. Two main changes impacting our 2023 budget are:

1) our return to a full staff team, and 2) two upgrades to our facilities.

If you’ve driven through the parking lot you’ve seen that we need to regrade & repave the north side of our parking lot. Our gym is also long overdue for a lighting upgrade.

While people are the ones who do ministry, our place/facility is what helps facilitate much of the ministry that we, and other churches & groups who use our facility, do on a regular basis.

A copy of our ABM 2023 meeting minutes will be available in our newsletter or by contacting our church office (