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UPDATE (Jan 18, 2022): The shelter is going well. On the first night, we had six people. Thank you to everyone who has brought or keeps bringing donations of clothing, food and toiletries. 

UPDATE (Jan 12, 2022): Morning cleaning shifts have been filled, but we are looking for volunteers who could be available as backup cleaners, in case one of the cleaners gets sick with Covid. The shelter is ready to start running on Friday, January 14th. 

UPDATE (Dec 29, 2021): We are currently looking for volunteers to help in the morning cleaning shift when we open our doors to the homeless in January. Volunteers are needed for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday shifts from 7am to 8:30am. Instructions will be provided. You will sweep and mop the gym, clean and bleach the washrooms, bleach, mop and tidy the kitchen and collect laundry after the homeless people have left. If you are able to serve in this capacity, please contact Debbie Fell to be scheduled at

UPDATE (Dec 15, 2021): ERBF has signed up to run the Cold Wet Weather Mat Program in January. We are committed to:

  • providing daily desserts - to be left at the church for staff to distribute
  • provide (and make) daily bagged lunches.  We will be collecting juice boxes, granola bars, home baked cookies or bars, pudding or fruit cups, chip bags, and providing sandwiches with protein (meat, cheese, eggs) and a fruit or vegie snack. 
  • Collected warm winter clothing- coats, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes or boots, sweaters, shirts, pants, socks (new) and underwear (new).
  • Collected toiletries- shampoo, small soaps, toothbrushes/ paste, floss, deodorants, shaving products, chap stick. 

You can help by:

  • Baking desserts, cookies or squares to be served for dessert or in lunches
  • Volunteer to make lunches in January, during the day, in the church kitchen
  • Donate warm, used clothing or toiletries

If you would like to volunteer or know of someone wanting to volunteer, you can sign up in the foyer. We are also currently collecting clothing, toiletries, food for bagged lunches etc. For more information, please email Debbie Fell at

UPDATE (Dec 1, 2021): It looks like we are going ahead with this important program. Mark your calendars for January, 2022. An update will be coming as soon as possible. 

UPDATE (Nov 3, 2021): Our permit for the Cold Wet Weather Mat Program was approved by the city for the four churches involved namely, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship, Calvary Baptist Church, Coquitlam Alliance Church and St. Laurence Anglican Church. Currently, the search for a Service Provider is on. For an update, please click on the article:

Since 2008, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship has been working together with Hope for Freedom Society and other Tri-Cities churches to run the Cold Wet Weather Mat Program for the homeless during the winter months. We have asked the City of Coquitlam to renew our Temporary Use Permit for another three years to enable us to continue to use our facility for this program.

One of the host churches, St. Andrews United Church in Porty Moody, published a short video giving a great window into this important ministry (see below) some time ago. Unlike other years, we are hoping to have a regular team of people from a partner organization run the program (instead of church volunteers due to COVID concerns). We ask for your prayers in this regard that a partner organziation can be found to provide this.