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You are invited to register for a 5-day course taught by Jesse Nickel, exploring the place of violence and peace within Jesus’s ministry, and the implications of this for followers of Jesus today.

Jesus, Violence, and the Kingdom of Peace

Jesus is widely perceived as being against violence and for peace. But is that perception accurate to what we find in the Gospels? How are violence and peacemaking connected to Jesus’s ministry? Did Jesus consider this to be an issue of great significance, or more peripheral to his main goals? And how ought this to impact contemporary Christian discipleship?

This course will examine how Jesus responded to contemporary expectations about how God’s kingdom would come and how he would participate in that event. It will also demonstrate the centrality of peace to Jesus’s vision of the kingdom and peacemaking to the identity of his disciples.

Audit Fee: $321

To audit this course, register with eventbrite by April 18, 2024.