Ariel Bowers
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September 6 will be the first Sunday since the beginning of March where we will be able to take communion together in-person during the church service. How wonderful! 

You may ask, though, "What communion will look like during a pandemic?"

For this Sunday, Communion will be celebrated at the end of the service, as usual, but we will be taking it outside to accomodate the removal of our masks. The communion elements (bread and cup) will be packaged individually in cups on trays in the foyer for each person to pick up as they leave the building. Once we are all outside, we will be directed in partaking together. If you are more comfortable, you are welcome to bring your own bread and drink. 

For our dear friends who are staying at home and watching the service online, we continue to encourage you to take communion together at home. We have videos where we have led the congregation in communion online and you are welcome to use one of those to guide your time. Here are the links:
Here's also the great overview Dave Heinrichs gave on communion in April 

By God's grace, come October our services will be live-streamed and we will all partake together at the same time, whether at home or onsite. That's something to look forward to!