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Update (11/13/22) 

One of the ministries in the area is a sewing factory to provide employment for people in the area. When Lois, Jeevan and Shakaina provided Indian snacks after the service on Sunday, they suggested donations at the snack time could be made towards t-shirts sewn by the factory for Kids Ministry volunteers. We raised $333 dollars towards the project!!

Update (10/13/22)

Thanks to your generosity, Lois' goal of raising $5,000 has been met. In addition, an extra $1,000 has been donated. When Lois spoke to people she is coordinating with in the area, they suggested the "over the top" money may be used in the following ways:

1. A motorbike for transportation as they go to the villages for evangelism. 
2. Nursery plants that they can take to the villages and plant to provide nutrition for the very poor. There are many kinds of upright gardens that provide vegetables in very limited spaces, and there is a strong incentive to plant trees to prevent deterioration of the planet and to give cash crops -- avocado, especially great. Not sure of the cost, but this is a project that they are working on as the Indian government is opposing churches. They can do this as a community project and share the Gospel in the process. 

 Project: Who are the Dalits?

They are the lowest cast in India -- poor, oppressed, with little hope for the future without God. BUT God has an amazing plan for their lives. I (Lois) have seen examples of it.

What is a Godspot?

It is where we spot God at work. In one small corner of India I have spotted God working in amazing ways among the Dalits. In fact, it is a hotspot for God at work. 

What is happening?

I (Lois) have deep roots in India. My grandparents were missionaries there and my Dad was born there. BUT I have never been there until now. I am going to India in December to participate in this Godspot by teaching 200 Sunday School teachers and speaking at a girls' camp of 80 teens. I’m so excited to be a small part of this ministry. 

How can you help?

My goal is to make my ministry to the Dalits totally free for them. The participants are from the poorest class so can’t afford to pay for their travel, resources, etc.
  • It costs $10 / person for travel and 2 good meals for the conference (200 Sunday School teachers @ $10 = $2000
  • 80 teen girls for camp @ $10 = $800
  • We will provide book bags made by their sewing factory @ $5 / bag
  • 200 SS teachers @ $5 = $1000
  • 80 teen girls @ $5 =$ 400
  • Providing 200 teaching packages @ $2 = $400
  • Providing a good printer so they can print their own materials = $400
If you would like to participate in my goal of raising $5000 to pay the costs for the Sunday School Teachers’ Conference and the Teen Girls Camp (details), you can do it through my giving group called Dalit Godspot online at  Charitable Impact (receive a tax-deductible receipt). You may also donate through my church, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship (desginate to: "Dalit Godspot Project").