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Have questions about attending in-person church services? Check out the FAQ below.


I miss everyone! How often can I come to the church service?

At present, you can register as often as you like! If we get over 50 registration requests per Sunday on a regular basis, leadership will ask people to register based on last name.

How do I register again? Can’t I just call the church office?

We strongly encourage you to register online rather than call the office. You can go to the main Church Services page to register as well:

Registering online allows us to quickly and accurately compile lists for contact tracing. Most of us won’t have to fill in hardly any details; the church is using our existing database as part of the process and so it should be pretty easy.

If you don’t have a digital device like a computer, tablet or phone, then you are welcome to call the office! But those who can register online should so we don’t overwhelm our Administrator.

If I successfully register that means I’m in, right?

Well, not exactly. You will almost certainly be able to attend, but we’ll need to check the registrations and make sure everything is good. If for some reason you can't attend we'll let you know by Saturday. This allows us to monitor what’s happening, who is coming, how the screening questions are being answered- you know, things like that.

Do I really have to wear a mask?

Yes, you do. Ongoing research increasingly indicates that COVID-19 is aerosol born, and something as small as a cough or sneeze can propel tens of thousands of droplets into the air at a rate of 200 miles per hour. A significant portion of our congregation is high-risk or has family members who are high risk, and we want to respect everyone’s health by being as safe as possible. If you don’t want to wear a mask you can continue to worship at home since the service is now being live-streamed real time. Check the Church Services page for more information.

What about Children's Ministry? What's happening?

We definitely miss seeing your kids! Check out the Children's Ministry news article here.

How will I know what to do when I get to the church? I’m confused by all these COVID protocols!

Don’t worry, we’ll have ushers in place to answer questions and direct us all in and out of the service safely. Just come to the exterior doors by the church office and someone will be there to help out. It’s a learning curve for everyone but we will be in it together.

Will we sing?

We will be singing a limited number of songs at the end of the service to minimize aerosol transmission. We are wearing masks and we have also increased the distance between attendees to almost 12ft. Both the wearing of masks and the increased distance greatly minimizes the risks.

I miss everyone! Will we get to visit in the foyer before the service?

Not inside the building, sorry. One of the wonderful things about meeting in-person is seeing each other and visiting together. We can do this outside the building before and after the service. Again, aerosol-based transmission means the more people are inside, the more aerosol droplets accumulate. Outdoor air flow minimizes risk.

Do I have to wear a mask out in the parking lot?

It is preferable given current COVID numbers. Keep the physical distance of 2m outside as well.

I still have questions about the registration process.

The first time though any website form can be confusing, so feel free to send an email to Ariel Bowers ( with the best way to contact you so she can help you out.

I still have questions or comments about the services.

We always welcome feedback from members of our congregation. Drop a line to and our Administrator will make sure to direct your email to the right person.