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International university students often stay alone in Canada during the Holidays season. This Christmas, would you like to show hospitality to international students by inviting them into your home and sharing a meal together? You can build a genuine friendship and maybe even have an opportunity to share God’s love with them.

The key link to learn more information, as well as to sign up is: 

A short explanatory video is at this link: 

How Friends for Dinner works:

  1. Sign up online at https://friendsfordinner.caor  The deadline for registration is December 17.
  2. We’ll match you with 2 or more students and give you their contact information. We ask that you contact them within a week and make *arrangements for your meal. 
  3. It will be your responsibility to prepare the meal and to help your guests get to your home and back to theirs. 
  4. We’ll send you some materials by email, which may help you understand your guest’s culture a bit more. 
  5. Enjoy your meal with them! 

*Meals do not have to take place on the actual holiday.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shakaina!