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It’s happening! As promised, ERBF leadership has put together a plan to start onsite services (for up to 50 people) beginning August 16.

ERBF Leadership has created four stages of church services in conjunction with the four phases of BC’s COVID-19 restart plan. The four stages are as follows:

Stage 1: offsite, pre-recorded worship & sermons (where we’ve been since March)
Stage 2: onsite, watch pre-recorded worship & sermons (with a few live elements; pre-registration required—limited numbers) 
Stage 3: onsite live and live-streamed church service (pre-registration required—limited numbers)
Stage 4: onsite service for all, no restrictions

ERBF is planning to move out of stage 1 into stage 2. That means that up to 50 people will be able to register to meet together in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings to watch the worship and sermon videos together and visit together outside afterwards. This stage is preparation for stage 3 in that it enables us to adjust to the building usage protocols for group gatherings during COVID. It also helps us get used to using a pre-registration system and gauge people’s interest.

We are hoping by mid-September to be ready for Stage 3 when our worship and sermons will be live but also live-streamed on ERBF’s YouTube channel so that those at home can watch at the same time! The recording will also be available to watch after the live-streamed service. We will only begin Stage 3 when we feel we are able to do so in a safe way since we do not want to put anyone at undue risk. 

More details, like how to register and what to expect regarding protocols, will be available next week on the website and in the newsletter. It may also be helpful to have a FAQ on the website, so if you have a specific question that you think we may not address, contact Ariel Bowers at