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What is discipleship?

"Discipleship occurs when someone answers the call to learn from Jesus and others how to live his or her life as though Jesus were living it. As a result, the disciple becomes the kind of person who naturally does what Jesus did." (Bill Hull)

How many people could you name who answer the call to learn from Jesus and others?

I know a few of them. Regardless of personality or age, they are inspiring and challenging to be around. It’s the way they live and love that impacts me, sometimes more than the words they speak. Their lives seem simple and uncluttered. But their faith is robust and rich. They will pray for healing or deliverance as naturally as they give thanks for a meal. They are generous with their time, finances and relationships.

And what I seem to notice most is they don’t judge or harbor bitterness. It’s so refreshing.

They look like Jesus. They sound like Jesus.

We need a revolution of leaders, especially young ones, who live their life as if Jesus were living it. But this only happens in community.

We’re committed to creating engaging environments of genuine community for young leaders. These environments provide safe places to experience the transforming power of God and to ask faith questions or express doubts.

Friends, celebrate with us. We’ve crossed the halfway point, and there’s no going back. I’ve been so encouraged by the many conversations. People have generously joined the partnership team. I’ve been overwhelmed by the desire to empower the next generation of missional leaders to change the world.

However, June 30 continues to be our deadline. Our goal is to add another 40 new partners at $100/month. Would you pause to ask Jesus, even right now, if he is inviting you to join in this way? THANK YOU!

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