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LGBTQ+ rights & relationships are a hot topic in cultural conversations today. New York City pastor and writer Timothy Keller suggested that “it is nearly impossible to talk about your faith without this subject being raised.” 

So how can we have open and constructive conversations and interactions with LGBTQ+ neighbours, friends or family members, especially across theological differences? On May 15, 2024 we hosted a seminar with special guest, Thaleia Sawatzky who shared some of her story as a pastor and parent with an adult child who identifies as LGBTQ. Thaleia is a professional counsellor and more recently the Pastor of Care at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford.


1) For a copy of Thaleia's seminar handout click here

2) For a list of her recommended resources (with hyperlinks), click here. Our libary also has a dozen or more of the books she recommended.

3) Thaleia and Carter were recently featured in a webinar "How Can Parents & LGBTQ Kids Build Relationships Across Theological Differences" (see the 28 minute sample with their stories below)

4) Thaleia has a helpful article on "How to talk to Kids About LGBTQ" (click here for details)

5) For a summary statement of what we believe regarding "Marriage, Singleness, and Family" check out our Confession of Faith (Article 11).