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Hello ERBF family!

I wanted to share with you something my family and I are doing for Christmas this year. We have been really focused on giving Christmas away this year and have asked God to show us ways we can love our neighbours and community at large and He has been faithful! It started with the homeless I see every time I go to my physio appointments. I decided to knit hats and scarves for them and give them out every time I go there. Offering them a scarf gives me an inroad to chat with them and show them the love of Christ. After I started doing this my friend who works at a low income school in Burnaby shared that the children had no socks, gloves, or hats to keep them warm during recess-so there was another place to show God’s love and care. Finally this week I witnessed a long line for the Food Bank with people having to wait outside in the cold. I took my bag of scarves, hats , and mittens and went to talk to them and offered items to any who wanted them and gave away a whole shopping bag full of items again. The need is clearly greater than our knitting needles can supply and we have purchased items to give away too! Would you like to join us in this endeavour? Do you like to knit or do you have second hand items you would like to donate? I tie each item with a ribbon and our traditional candy cane ( random acts of Christmas lives on!) and a tag that wishes them a Merry Christmas and says the Prince of Peace has come. If you wish to leave items for my family and I to distribute at the church I will come and collect them. Perhaps you feel inspired and want to go out and try this with your family? I encourage you to do so. These problems of addiction, poverty, and illness feel so big that we can despair, but small acts can lead to big changes. If nothing else it speaks of God’s care and love for all of us and gives us a chance to share that with those that need it most. Remember the gift, no matter how small, can be what opens the door and allows us to go in and share the true gift- Jesus! Merry Christmas 

Love Rebecca 

Donations and knitted items can be dropped off at the church office between 9am and 5pm weekdays, as well as Sundays.