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UPDATE for November 29th:  St Laurence's Anglican Church is planning to make dinners, breakfasts and bagged lunches. They are asking volunteers to make an entire meal for the night - then bring it to their church. Breakfast will be done on site, but they are asking for donations and volunteers to come and serve. There will be sign up sheets for all these activities at their orientation, happening on Dec 10th, 2022 from 9:30 - 10:30am. In addition, they are also asking for donations of food and clothing.  You can drop it off at St Laurence from 10:00 - 3:00pm, Mon-Fri. Volunteer shifts are 09:00-11:00 pm and 05:30-07:30 am for serving and cleaning up and they are looking at teams of 5 people. Please see the document from St. Lawrence for those interested in volunteering by clicking here


Since 2008, Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship has been working together with Hope for Freedom Society and other Tri-Cities churches to run a winter shelter program for the homeless during the winter months. This year, we are not hosting the shelter at our church, but we do still encourage involvement by offering your time volunteering and donations.

The Tri-Cities Winter Shelter will be hosted at the following churches this year: 

  • Calvary Baptist Church (1636 Regan Ave., Coquitlam), Nov. 1 to 30
  • Trinity United Church (2211 Prairie Ave., Port Coquitlam), Dec. 1 to 31
  • St. Laurence Anglican Church (825 St. Laurence St., Coquitlam), Jan. 1 to 31
  • Trinity United Church (2211 Prairie Ave., Port Coquitlam), Feb. 1 to 28
  • Coquitlam Alliance Church (2601 Spuraway Ave., Coquitlam), March 1 to 31

The program is specifically in need of donations for men's clothing (shoes, larger-sized pants), new unused underwear, toques, socks, mitts, travel-sized toiletries and blankets.

For more information and to find out where your help is needed, please contact one of the churches listed above. You can also look at the Tri Cities news article that has more information by clicking here

One of the host churches, St. Andrews United Church in Porty Moody, published a short video giving a great window into this important ministry (see below) some time ago.