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Since 2008, ERBF has been working together with partner organizations and other Tri-Cities churches to run a winter shelter program for the homeless during the winter months. This year, ERBF will be hosting during the month of November.

Progressive Housing Society will be transporting people to our church serving meals and staying onsite with our guests while they are in the church.  We have the opportunity to serve by:

1. Baking desserts, cookies or squares to be served for dessert or in lunches
2. Volunteering to make lunches at the church during the day
3. Donate warm, used clothing or toiletries, food or money for lunch supplies
4. Clean the church after our guests depart for the day

Sign-up sheets and donation boxes are set up in the hallway across from the staff offices. Debbie Fell is coordinating the Shelter program at our church and her contact is available there as well.


The Tri-Cities Winter Shelter will be hosted at the following churches this year: 

  • October 2023 - St. Laurence Anglican Church                                   
  • November 2023 - Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship                                                      
  • December 2023 – Trinity United Church, Port Coquitlam                                              
  • January 2024 – Coquitlam Alliance Church                                             
  • February 2024 - Calvary Baptist Church        
  • March 2024 - Trinity United Church, Port Coquitlam                                                                               
  • April 2024 -Trinity United Church, Port Coquitlam