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First of all, I would like to give a “shout out” to our parents with young families. We have all had to make some adjustments over the last few months, but parents have had to make changes to their routines while juggling children, their schedules and schoolwork as well.

Diane Rapske and I have had opportunities to check in on most of our families over the past few weeks, bag of popcorn in hand with a card stapled on. We have really enjoyed catching up with them and listening to their stories about how they have risen to this challenge.

There were mixed responses from the kids on how homeschooling was going. Most kids missed their peers, and many found out their parents could actually teach them a few things (ha, ha). They have been baking, preparing meals, constructing tents in the living room, building Lego projects and looking after new puppies. Astonishingly, I think there was even some math, reading and writing done!

It was a joy to see all the kids and their smiling faces. Sadly, we had to tell the kids that there is no VBS this year and we do not even know when we can all meet together at church. When we do, it will be a sweet reunion. Thankfully, most of the learning we do about being a follower of Jesus is taught at home. So parents, keep up the good work and church, keep praying for one another and checking in with one another.

Here are a couple of resources available to you and your families:

1. A printable sermon notes taker created by the Quek family for you. The PDF is below for you to print out.
2. Stillwood is offering a Camp in a Box for families. The deadline for the first week has already passed but there are two more weeks available.The box will be delivered to ERBF prior to your week. Check it out here:

Lisa Unger