All our volunteers are carefully screened, including criminal record checks.

Sunday Morning Check-In and Out Procedures

To keep your children safe, we have developed a check-in and check-out system for our Sunday morning programs that runs during our regular Sunday morning worship services:


  1. Before the worship service begins, visit the Kids’ Church sign-in table in the lobby (children in the toddler nursery are signed in at the door). Find the clipboard with your child(ren)’s age group on it and write down their name and age/grade. If there is any additional information that we will need to know, such as allergies or medical concerns, make note of it here.
  2. Grab a laminated Parent Pager card. This card will have a unique number. Write that number on the sign-in sheet next to your child’s name. Keep the Pager with you, you will need it later!
  3. Fill out a name tag for your child with their name, Parent Pager number, and the name(s) of the person/people who will be picking them up. Put this name tag on your child’s back. Please take one card for each class that you are checking children into. If, for instance, you have two children in first grade and one child in second grade, you may use the same number for the first two but will need a second number and card for the third child. 
  4. Go into the sanctuary to enjoy worshiping together!
  5. Part way through the service we will dismiss the kids to Kids Church, where they will divide into two classrooms. Those in preschool will stay together for the rest of the service while elementary-age children will begin as a large group and splinter off into smaller, age-specific groups. Please accompany your child(ren) upstairs to drop them off.

     If your child needs you for any reason during the service we will put their pager number up on the pager located on the right wall of the sanctuary. If you see your child’s number, please come upstairs immediately.

      Kids’ Church concludes along with the adult service, so please head upstairs and pick up your child promptly after the service. Give their teacher the plastic pager and they will release your child to you. If you have lost the Parent Pager card, please let us know. For safety reasons, if you do not have your Pager you will need to be approved by a member of the Children’s Ministry Team before we are able to release your child.

Please note that childcare is only provided for ERBF worship services and events with the understanding that parent or guardians will remain in the building at all times.

Sick Policy

We would encourage children with a fever or other contagious cold/flu related symptoms to stay home in consideration of others.