This week, the Public Health Office put out stricter guidelines for faith groups as they meet for worship. The PHO has made the wearing of masks mandatory and the maximum attendance for the worship must be limited to 50% of the room's capacity.

The good news? We are already doing these things!

ERBF takes a careful approach to COVID safety:

  • We have always asked our congregation to wear masks while in the building.
  • Our sanctuary has capacity for 450 people, so the required 50% capacity (225) is well over our current average attendance of 80-100 people. If we were to get close to 225 attendees on Sunday mornings, we would institute a registration system to make sure we stay within the guidelines.
  • The air quality in our sanctuary is monitored and our HVAC system keeps the air quality the same as if we were meeting outdoors.

So we look forward to seeing you on Sunday, in person, at our worship service!