Dave Heinrichs
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Often I am hesitant to recommend apps to people for their smartphones or tablets. Perhaps its because I don't want to enter into the endless debate of apple vs android or fear that they might find out that even though I'm in my mid 30's I still have games on my device (how embarrasing). I'm even more reluctant to suggest apps for people to put on their devices for their children, I think it's because I'm afraid that they'll judge me or suggest that as a pastor I shouldn't be encouraging people to allow their children to be plugged in. But the reality is these devices are here to stay until something new comes along and we might as well redeem the time we have with them the best that we can and that includes our children's interactions with them.

My children don't get much screen time but there are occasions where I'm very thankful for something to engage them on my smartphone like when they're waiting at the doctor's office, waiting for me to finish talking to someone (that happens often) and any other times I need them to wait quietly. But my dilema has been the kind of content they're engaging with while on my smartphone or tablet, I don't want them to become addicted to Angry Birds or Candy Crush like everyone else I know (oops, did I really type that?). Enter the Bible App for Kids (click here to go to their page), I've had this app on my phone since it came out about a year ago and have been extremely impressed. More importantly my boys love it; they love listening to and reading the Bible stories.It's fun because the characters are interactive and it promotes Bible learning by asking trivia questions and giving rewards. Since the app was created the developers continue to update it regularly with more stories so that my kids are always excited to try something new or interact with one of their favourite Bible stories.

Obviously this app is not a replacement for your child actually having and reading their own bible (yes I mean a real book, not electronic form). We as parents continue to have the priviledge and responsibility of training our children in God's ways and modeling for them what it means to be a follower of Jesus and that must include regular Bible reading. The Bible App for Kids is a wonderful (and did I mention FREE) tool to help encourage your children (and perhaps you) and help keep them quiet...I mean engaged while waiting for Dad to make up his mind about which coffee to buy.