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In 1994 Corrine and Martin Wall were baptized at our church.  Martin described it as 'an opportunity to tell the world that God was still performing miracles today'.  Shortly after that time Martin wrote the larger story of his life and long journey to faith and sobriety.  Martin recently had his book republished and is making it available at a discounted rate to members of ERBF ($12 vs. $20) with any amounts over $12 going to the Women's Abuse Support Group.  Copies of the book are available from Corinne Wall, the ERBF library, or the church office.

"My sincere desire is to share my experience, strength and hope with everyone that reads my story...I sincerely believe that God wants me to share the miracles He has performed in my life.  I honestly believe that He will perform miracles in your life if you turn your will and your life over to Him." (author Martin Wall)