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In our mission statement we aim to be a congregation that is actively showing love, sharing hope, and strengthening faith.  In fall we focused on the aspect of “sharing hope” and “Becoming Good News People”.  We want to begin 2017 by focusing on practical ways of “strengthening faith” or discipleship.  While most series on discipleship use the gospels or letters of the New Testament as their primary text, Darrell Johnson’s case for Revelation as a “discipleship manual” is particularly challenging and inspiring.  As Johnson notes in his book Discipleship On The Edge, “no other book of the Bible presents the gospel as powerfully…in a way that overcomes our fears and frees us for radical faith.”

This sermon series begins Sunday, January 8, 2017.  We invite you to join us. 

Weekly small group Bible study questions are available in the Small Groups section or by clicking here.