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IMPLICATIONS OF COVID-19 ON ERBF FINANCES | While COVID-19 is primarily a health concern, it is also becoming a global financial crisis. We care about our employees and are committed to keeping them employed over this next season. We are also committed to keeping all other expenses down in this season and have halted most ministry spending in faith through this season. Unfortunately, facility rentals have also stopped but we still incur the ongoing costs of the building though it is not being used.

We know that many of you have been impacted financially at this time and are aware that your giving may reflect that. We will be holding the tension of covering our responsibilities and caring for people while stewarding our church's finances well.

To continue to give to the ministry of the church you can give by each e-transfer through your financial institution. In the "recipients" section put "Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship" and send it to: Click here for a video on how to send money via e-transfer.

You can also set up Preauthorized Debit. You can download the form here, fill it out and email it to the church office or send by post.

Another way to give is through however with this method the church does incur a processing fee. To give through you can click the green button below or simply text the word give to (587)800-0722

We look forward to walking this faith season out with you and we thank you for your continued giving in this season as you are able. 

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