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Last week was the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization's formal declaration of a global pandemic. The Tri-City News has been inviting readers to post comments under the hashtag #TheMoment sharing the moment they knew their world had changed.

As followers of Jesus, what are some of those moments for you? We invite you to share a moment from the past year when you've found yourself laughing, crying, praising, praying, etc. and what triggered it.

Please email Ariel Bowers at Names will not be shared unless by request.


"When I saw my daughter recently hugging my 91 year old mother-in-law for the first time in over a year (both have been vaccinated), I was saddened by how long it has been since she was able to do that, but also blessed to see the huge smile on both of their faces and how grateful they were to be able to reconnect like that!"