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Healthy relationships are at the heart of the Bible’s overall message.  For example, every one of the Ten Commandments speaks about healthy relationships—with God and with one another.  Jesus told us that there is nothing more important than to learn how to love God and others well (Mt. 2236-39).  

Relationships are so foundational to our well-being because God is intrinsically a relational being, existing as three-in-one from all eternity.  “The most fundamental truth I know,” said Professor and Pastor Darrell Johnson, is that “At the centre of the universe is a relationship.  It is out of that relationship…and for that relationship that you and I were created and redeemed!”  

Beginning Sunday, April 24, 2016 Pastor David Esau will begin a sermon series on "Nurturing Healthy Relationship".  You'll want to join us as we explore God's relational wisdom for our lives.

Individuals and small groups are encouraged to explore one of the excellent video series on Right Now Media like: (a) "Making Marriage Work", (b) "The Art of Marriage", (c) "Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today's World", (d) "Resloving Everyday Conflict".