David Esau
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Ever heard the story of the manager of the electronics firm who had a big salary and was climbing the corporate ladder?  Suddenly he was called into the office and fired for business malpractice. The once-powerful man was in a real dilemma.  He had a big mortgage on his home, all sort of things on credit, and little chance of landing another well-paying job.  Agonizing over what to do, an idea dawned on him.  He quickly began contacting the firm’s biggest clients…             

It’s amazing how Jesus’ parables, with a little updating and adaptation, are as engaging as ever (see Lk. 16 for the rest of the story!).  Jesus had an amazing ability to use small stories to make a big impact by capturing his listener’s attention and challenge them into new ways of thinking and being.  Since Jesus’ parables were such a significant part of his ministry, it is incredibly important for us to hear and understand Jesus’ parables for ourselves.  

So come join us for our Fall sermon series on these life-changing stories.

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