Ariel Bowers
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It’s true! Stage 2 ERBF in-person church services (for up to 50 people) start on August 16. (Missed that explanation on the stages of our church opening? Click here.)

On Wednesday evening, several key stakeholders in the church service including staff, our Board of Elders chair and ushers met to finalize protocols to ensure the safety of the volunteers and congregation while meeting for in-person services.

We’re excited to see you again. Here are the steps we’re putting into place so that we can attend church services together:

  1. Registration for each service will open the Monday prior (ie, for the August 16 service, registration will open August 10).
    • The registration link will be available on the church website.
    • When we register, we’ll be asked mandatory screening questions for us and any family members attending with us.
    • Our registration will be submitted to the office for review before our attendance is confirmed.
    • If your last name begins with A-L, you may register the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Those whose last names begin with M-Z may register on the 2nd and 4th of each month. Those odd fifth Sundays it’s first-come-first-serve.
    • The registration deadline for each group is Thursday at noon. At that point registration for any remaining seats will open to anyone who wants to attend. All registration closes Friday at noon. This gives us time to prepare for Sunday and confirm everyone’s attendance.
    • Leadership may prioritize registrations for those of our congregation who are not able to watch the services online.
  2. When coming to the services, we will ENTER the church through the north doors by the church offices. When we EXIT the service, we’ll leave out of the north doors by the prayer room. Ushers will be around to assist with directions.
  3. Our church services will begin at 10:15am. The front doors will open at 10am.
  4. We will need to wear masks at all times in the church building.
  5. When we get to the sanctuary we’ll be directed to the appropriate seating area (Sections & Rows are labeled). The aisles are one-way, so please follow directions and not move around to visit once seated.
  6. Visiting is encouraged in the parking lot once the service is over.
  7. It’s possible that visitors not familiar with our registration system may show up at the church looking to attend our services. If you are registered but don’t show up on time, your spot may be given to someone else who is waiting.
  8. There will be opportunity to give your offering in person (via the debit machine or by envelope when you exit). We still encourage most people to give online.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ here.