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On April 13th, ERBF's Women's Connections hosted a performance entitled "Who You Say I Am". The following post is a reflection by Jewels Cressman who attend the event.

"I had the wonderful opportunity to partake in the creative and powerful presentation “Soli Deo Gloria,” this past weekend.  To say that it was breathtaking, and eloquent, is putting it simply! It’s endeavour to communicate the integral message of our God’s delight in our uniqueness and utter joy and love for us, His children, pales in description!

Through the use of interpretive ballet, scriptural references and inspirational songs, the basic yet profound message of ‘Who We Are in Christ,’ is laid out reminding us of our Saviour’s pleasure in us, His creation.  It is such an appropriate message for both young girls and women of all ages! In this day and age of constant advertisements about what is considered beautiful or worthy, it is easy as woman (& girls) who are constantly bombarded with such messages, to use them as our measurement of worth! This can so easily rob of us of enjoying our own unique individuality and cause us to become dis-satisfied with who we truly are!  What better measure of our preciousness and adequacy, than WHO we are in Christ?  

This production reminds us of our loving Saviour, and how He sees us as unblemished, perfect… a new Creation, in Him!  Soli Deo Gloria” epitomizes this, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to see this superb creative endeavour."

- Jewels Cressman