We all know it can be a little intimidating to try something new, but we also know it can be incredibly rewarding.  When Leo Tolstoy first opened a Bible and read about Jesus he exclaimed, “I discovered a new world!”  At Eagle Ridge we don’t have all the answers to the big questions of life, but we are convinced that there is a Source from which the most important answers flow.  God knows us, and wants us to know him through Jesus Christ who invites us into a life-changing relationship with him.

What Is It Like?

Sunday morning's worship gathering begins at 10:15 am and is an important part of all we do at Eagle Ridge. It is the one time the whole church family is together! Our gathering begins with a time of singing and prayer.

What about my kids?

Since we value an intergenerational worship experience, children stay with us during the first 20 - 30 minutes of the service. Then, part-way through the gathering children age 3 to grade 5 are dismissed to “KidZone” for their own age-appropriate teaching time while the main gathering continues with a time of practical teaching from the Bible.

There is a staffed nursery on the lower level for Newborns to 18 months and a nursery for 19 to 36 months upstairs in Room 212.

For more info on Children's ministries - Click here or email children@erbf.com

How Can I Get Connected?

Stop by our “Welcome Centre” in the lobby before or after our gathering to talk to someone about how you can connect with what’s happening at Eagle Ridge.  

Come early or stay after our gathering to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and meet some of our church family in person.  A great way to get connected is to join a small group.  Small groups of 8-15 people meet regularly for mutual support, encouragement, study of the Bible, and prayer.  Several times a year we also offer "Welcome to the Family" classes for people wanting to explore how to get connected with God and the church.

For more info on our small groups - Click here & "Welcome to the Family" - Click here.

Still Have Questions?

Send us an email anytime to ask questions. You can do so at office@erbf.com

Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship
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