Two Tears on the Window, by Julia & Kevin Garratt

Graduates of the University of Toronto, Kevin & Julia Garratt worked in China for 30 years, assisting with education, humanitarian work, and Christian social enterprises. From 2008 to 2014 they ran a popular coffee house on the China/North Korea border and facilitated aid to North Korea.  After dinner, at a local restaurant, the couple disappeared. They were forcibly separated and taken to a secret Chinese compound.  In shock and disbelief, they woke up as prisoners, pawns in an international spy and espionage conflict involving Canada, the United States, and China.  They endure months of grueling interrogation, isolation and imprisonment.  Facing a devastating outcome, a sudden twist propels their story towards a miraculous reunion.  The true story, of their dramatic journey, combines humour and passion.


Leaving Buddha, by Tenzin Lahkpa

This is a fascinating, true story of a Tibetan Buddhast monk making that radical decision to walk away from the teachings of Buddha and leaving his monastery to follow Jesus Christ.  Discover the reasons other monks want him dead before he can share his story with others.  "Leaving Buddha" dares to expose the mysterious world of Tibetan Buddhism with its layered teachings and troubling secrets.  It tells a moving story about the search for truth and how no one is beyond the reach of a loving God.