Sanitary Pads Project

Help Change The World

We are partnering together with House For All Nations to help change the world for school aged refugee girls in South Sudan, Uganda & North Korean.

Pastor couple Obadiah Kim & Sue Yea, are actively involved with Team & Team International and it was through the work in a South Sudan refugee center in 2018, that Sue became aware of how many African school-aged girls were losing educational opportunities due to issues related to their menstrual cycles.  Since most of them could not afford proper female sanitary pads they would withdraw from attending school for days at a time each month.  This also left them in danger of being raped because people knew there was no chance of them becoming pregnant during their period.

Sue shared this situation and information with her circle of friends and together they made and delivered over 100 packages of sanitary pads (8 pads/package).  Since then, the requests for reusable sanitary pads have grown. With her growing team of volunteers Sue has been able to send: 130 sets to South Sudan, 120 sets to Uganda, and 100 sets to North Korea. 

In 2020 the goal is to make and send: 100 sets to North Korea, 200 sets to South Sudan, and 100 sets to South America. 

  • February 2020 - So far we have received funding for 100 sets and need money for another 300 sets as well as volunteers to help make them (cutting & sewing).
  • May 2020 - One hundred sets are finished and ready for delivery to North Korea
  • July 2020 - ERBF volunteers sewed 400 more pads (50 sets)...More to come!
Contact Sue Yea ( or Kathryn Klassen ( for more info or to volunteer your time or money (cost of materials = $5/pad; $40/package).