Ariel Bowers
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We will be running completely LIVE church services as of September 20 and streaming them online in real-time for those who can't attend in person. Church services have been running onsite for six weeks in stage 2 and we are very happy with the way our carefully crafted protocols have been followed to ensure safety for everyone present. We look forward to services that we enjoy together as a church family!

We've created one convenient webpage that will direct you to the online registration, livestream service or past services:

Here's what you need to know, whether you are coming to the church in-person or joining us online:

  • If you are attending the worship service in person:
    •  The link to register can be found on the Church Services page. Follow all protocols for onsite services as listed here: protocols for in-person services.
    • The external doors open at 10:00am and the service starts at 10:15am.
    • Please be on time as we will be broadcasting this service live!
  • If you will be joining us online:
    • Church services will be real-time, with the pre-service announcement loop starting at 10:00am.
    • You can access the livestream church service by going to our new Church Services page at
    • If you can't watch it real-time with us, YouTube will record the service as it is broadcasted and it will be available for on-demanding viewing later that day. You can access our YouTube channel via the Church Services page as well.

By livestreaming the service we will all be experiencing the worship and the sermon together at the same time, whether we are onsite or at home. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ariel Bowers at the office.