Do you enjoy reading? Do you enjoy getting together with other women for conversation? Get involved in the book club! This is mainly a non-fiction club; good reads may be biographies, autobiographies, uplifting writing and more. Authors may primarily be Christian, but not exclusively as there may be other inspiring stories worth reading.  

If you would like to join our next "chat", text or email Lisa Stephen at 778-882-3416 or, and she can provide directions.

Book Chats meet every 4th Wednesday of the month. Our next book The Concubines Children: Portrait of a Family Divided is the author's chronicle of her family's history. Set in China and Vancouver's Chinatown, this book deepens our insight and compassion for the experience of Chinese immigrants. While our own family histories may connect to other parts of the world, most / all of us can relate to the fact that we too are here through the courage and fortitude of our own immigrant ancestors.

Happy Reading!


Previous reads:

January - Born A Crime by Trevor Noah.

February - A Girl Named Lovely by Catherine Porter.

March - Peace by Chocolate by Jon Tatrie

April - Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

May - The Gift of Anger by Arun Ghandi

June - Menno Moto by Cameron Dueck

July - Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto 

August - Daughters of the Samurai by Janice P. Nimura