Women's Connections Newsletter


Women's Connections are looking forward to growing deeper in our faith & friendships  in 2019.

Tuesday Retired Ladies Study meet at 10:00am upstairs in the Student Ministries Room.We will wrap up the Spring Session with a 3 week study by Ann Voskamp called "1000 Gifts" Begin to find JOY in what really matters. Contact Frieda Jong at [email protected] for more info.

Thursday Ladies Study for all ages meet at 9:30am upstairs in the Student Ministries Room. "The Unsettling Solution For Just About Everything" by Andy Stanley. Join in. Coffee & Tea will be on. Contact Kathryn Klassen at [email protected] for more info.

Would you be interested in making items for MCC INFANT CARE KITS? There are some ladies sewing blankets, t-shirts and gowns. Give Kathryn a call at (604)945-8925 or e-mail [email protected] for info on how you can get involved in this worthwhile project. If you are not a sewer you can donate bars of Dove Sensitive soap, or 6-9 month onesies. Also if you are a knitter, hats & booties are needed. Contact Kathryn for sizing. 

MCC School Kits are always in demand. School Kits are MCC's most requested item. These kits consist of spiral notebooks, 8 unsharpened pencils, 1 30cm/12in. flexible ruler, 12 coloured pencils in packaging,1 large eraser, 2 black or blue ballpoint pens and a pencil sharpener. All items must be new. School kits are distributed in 11x16in. double drawstring cloth bags. Feel free to purchase items and place them in the collection box near the Welcome Booth. Notebooks are always needed. Books of 80-200 pgs can be used.

Walking Club meet on [email protected]:30am. Rain or shine-dress for the weather. Friends and dogs are welcome. Check Walking Club page for current info.

Join Book Chats. Meets one Wednesday or Thursday evening a month. Check the Book Club page for current info. Contact Lisa Stephen at (778)882-3416 for more info.